Easy Apple Crumb Pie

Many times you will need to bake an easy and quick dessert.  This apple crumb pie will fill the spot.

First you will need an unbaked pie shell already in a pie pan.  Two cans of apple pie filling will also be needed already in the unbaked pie shell.

This is how your crumbs should look




For the crumbly topping, you will need brown sugar, flour, and a stick of butter.  Add the same amounts of brown sugar and flour to the butter until the crumbliness is how you like it.  Do not sprinkle the topping over the pie until you’ve baked the pie at 375° until it is almost done.





Then sprinkle the topping over the pie until it is thickly covered.  Put it back in the oven until the crumbly topping is lightly browned. Take out your pie and try to resist the temptation to taste it until after dinner!

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